Addition: introduction of dairy products

Addition: introduction of dairy products

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Why not give your baby milk too soon? When can you usually give dairy products or milk?

Addition: introduction of dairy products

We know that a generation ago, there were hardly any babies who would not have received half of their milk every couple of months. As we have to say, no half milk is recommended, nor the milk too early and too much no. Also not because dairy products their high protein content they can put a strain on the kidneys' digestive system and kidneys.

Neither cow nor goat milk

No cow's milk, no house milk, or goat's milk can be given during a year. It doesn't matter which animal milk comes from, animal milk even in religious form (this much-known half milk) we give the baby. Animal milk contains white proteins that burden the baby's digestive system. It does not make any difference if we use only "raw" ingredients (eg for steaks, peppers), so we should not give the baby milk in this form during a year.Cow's milk is not recommended by many professionals up to the age of 3.What's more, it's not recommended for plant milk under the age of one. What is recommended for breastfeeding: 500 ml of milk-based milk daily (this may also be a diet, breast milk is deficient). Because of milk protein allergy, if you have breast milk, your pediatrician will recommend the right milk-based diet! However, different dairy products should not be introduced. There are dairy products that can be given to babies as early as 8-9 months, and other products are much shorter. Remember to always introduce small new products slowly, gradually.

What when?

In case your child is healthy and does not need special nutrition, the baby can start to introduce dairy products at the age of 8 months. First come the
- natural yoghurt (fruit yoghurt is not recommended for baby because of its sugar content)
- kefнr9 months old:
- lean cheese after 10 days:
- Volume (can be given to natural baby, but cream, T javasoltrу Rudi is not recommended because of its sugar content) In addition to a small serving (1-2 cubic meters), to observe how you react to it.Introducing Dairy Products for Babies After 1 Year:
- Fruit Yoghurts (It is strongly recommended that you make your own at home: natural yoghurt and fresh fruit to avoid added sugars)
- sour cream
- butter and butter cream (read carefully the ingredient list because it may contain a component that is not yet recommended) Introducing dairy products to babies after 3 years:
- cow's milk (not recommended at all under one year, but many experts strongly recommend that you milk your baby over the age of three), and other dairy-based drinks, eg. kakaу. Goat milk, in-store milk and homemade milk also fall into this category.
- fat cheeses, cream cheeses
- goat cheese
- sheep cheese, board
- milk
- Tъrу Rudi and other milk desserts, eg. milk rice, pudding, milk cream, cream container (due to their added sugar content, only in limited quantities, try sugar-free products instead)
- Adding a Baby: Peace of Mind, Attention, Confidence
- Baby's Feed: When's Mint, When's Egg?


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