Easter habits: from eggs to watering can

Easter habits: from eggs to watering can

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Why do we paint eggs at Easter? What is a Bunny Looking for in a Fairy? It is better to prepare for these and similar requests beforehand. We have made a little summary of Easter customs and symbols.

We create a cheerful atmosphere

During the "Feasting Holiday" - whether you're painting eggs or just watering - we can involve children in a number of interesting programs, preconceptions, and Jesus Christ is celebrating the Resurrection. But there are also many traditions associated with Easter that make it an important ceremony for non-religious families, as well as celebrating the holiday itself. It means getting ready for the holidays - both mentally and physically. The day before Easter, and the Sunday before the Passover, is the feast day of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, and they usually hold a pilgrimage. A week or so, and Easter Sunday, there are Masses and services throughout the country. Rбadбsul There are also many habits and traditions that the little ones are eager to engage with, they trade where they can succeed. And, of course, there is also an opportunity to tell them - irrespective of religion - what we celebrate at this time and the origin of what we do every year.

Cool egg painting

One such example is egg painting. THE egg is the symbol of fertilityhas become a part of the Easter traditions. We can also buy paints, but nowadays more and more natural ingredients are used for coloring and modeling eggs.A little good tip for the colorful waters: approx. put the ingredients in half a liter of water, boil some of the coloring plants with a little vinegar, and then put the eggs to be colored into it. If you want a purple egg, for example, you need to cook a purple onion shell and put the eggs in the colored water you get. Sбrga szнnhez hasznбljunk kurkumбt the zцldhцz spenуt or csalбnlevйl segнthet us, and kйszнthetьnk rуzsaszнn tojбsokat the csipkebogyуval, but if бztatjuk fresh kбvйba, you can also arrуl brown tojбsokat kйszнthetьnk.A bбtrabbak prуbбlkozhatnak the tojбs kifъjбsбval, йs not feledkezzьnk that wax or matricбval there may be numerous, more beautiful patterns on the eggs. But if you have a bad stocking at home, you can attach a letter to the egg shell that you put in and it leaves a nice pattern on the shell.

Search starts

A great kids program such as making a bunny bunny, into which their eager idols are awaited. And when it comes to gifts, "treasure hunting games" are probably even more successful than the previous ones. In a smaller or larger garden, we might hide the eggs in a playground. Your search is guaranteed, regardless of your good working age. Especially if you have more kids because you can still race. Of course, you can also keep an Easter Earning Promotion in your home. In addition, at home we can hide (eg at night) the Easter bunnies, eggs and even the little ones sleeping.

Halloween watering

Even more cool is the sprinkling of Easter Monday. In the countryside, the red-breasted version is not infrequent, but in many places it is now more fragrant or less fragrant (often specially for this occasion) with a regular house for the father, boy, and friends. The habit is based on water-linked, clean, productive power.According to the classic Scrapbook, the girls give red water to the watered-down exchange - the boys symbolizing love, life. Frequently, new arrivals are planted, it is cheap, and it is not uncommon for children to get some money in exchange for a "heartbeat". Another common element of watering is the watering can, which is passed down from generation to generation, and of course, every year produces the newest ones. Kids are easy to learn and most of the time they are successful.

But how does the bunny get in the picture?

One of the symbols of Easter is the arrow beside the egg. Arrуl's wondering whаt thіѕ іѕ οwn іѕ οnlу. According to some sources, Articles 16-17. It was the turn of the century to celebrate the Easter holiday in Germany, so it was avoided. But they arrull indicate that it was only through some luck that one of the "characters" of Easter became the bunny. The animal the symbol of fertility, and he has to lay his head, because the kind of rabbit drawn on Easter does not live in the old, but he makes the light for himself. Even though little ones tend to love animals, instead of buying them one for the holiday, we'd rather go to a pet petting party. (They are made in several places at Easter.)More articles from hsvétrуl:
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