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How much care should be taken to cleanliness?

How much care should be taken to cleanliness?

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It takes everything, it takes in your mouth, it smells better - no matter what goes into your body. Infectious pathogens, which are a source of disease, are not always accompanied by the visible cough.

Trouble if your kid is dirty?

Just some dirt

During the first year, there is a certain degree of defiance with "acquaintances", living in the home and in the family of close family members microorganisms opposite. You'll cover enough environmentally friendly housekeeping with natural cleansers, like vinegar, citric acid, and baking soda. Avoid strong "antifouling" chemicals, the inside out, concentration of substances which are harmful to health it is just near the floor that the child is at a height. You can do this by not cleaning often, but by closing down your sites successfully.

Invisible moles

Bacilli causing diarrhea sources include trash and litter, a washboard that is not properly washed, and a sponge that is infrequently replaced. Extremely warm, under a few owls, proliferate, so pay close attention in the kitchen to what's on the floor, what your baby sucks on. The front floor, . Also ask your friends to change your street shoes. After you arrive home, wash your hands to get rid of the traffic that comes with public transportation.

Is there a problem with sand in your mouth, eyes?

Not the sand, but also the male, mold, bacillus derived from the animal carcasses presenting it is a serious source of danger. Homokozбs, rigorous washing after gardening Next, bring your handkerchief to the playground. It cannot be ruled out that a small child will pick up sticks, gravel, and so, even before walking, tear his hand over his torso.


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