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44 reasons why a 3-year-old is thriving

44 reasons why a 3-year-old is thriving

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Everyone has difficult days. But what about a 3-year-old who has fallen 44 times a day? Probably his hysterical record!

Why does your kid cry?

Do you have 3 years for your child? Then bring me a chair here, give yourself a coffee, and enjoy my talk about what my "3-year-old" can do for a single day. Yeah… the following dehydrations have been working out for all 24 hours. My favorite pastime is hysterics. Today I decided not to deal with it, but to record what you do. Every once in a while it was crying, whining, yelling, kicking or rolling on the ground, and I caught my paper and my pen. In one day, 44 things went wrong my son, almost half of the hysterics were still around 9 o'clock. Let's see why the hysterical little princess burst! She wanted to wear Elsa's patterned top (which, of course, was in the laundry).
2. He picked up the alsunnemius in reverse.
3. I put him a bad story.
4. I couldn't make breakfast fast enough.
5. He didn't want to eat cereal, but oatmeal.
6. I gave her the oatmeal from her bad diet. He wanted the cereal flakes.
7. Oatmeal rolled over to the yard.
8. He wanted to eat smaller cans.
9. I gave her a blanket blanket instead of a pink one.
10. He wanted to wear Elsa's model dress instead of Elsa's model top.
11. Today was not her birthday.
12. She felt strange about her childhood belt.
13. Your bastard is in the car.
14. The cat did not let it rise by the tail.
15. Could not unpack the barley bar.
16. I unpacked the muesli bar wrapping too much.
17. The muesli slices doubled.
18. When coloring, I colored Cinderella's clothes with bad shades.
19. I planted my imaginary friend.
20. He put on his shoes in reverse.
21. Peppa Pig is a killer.
22. I cut the sandwich into a triangle shape.
23. I cut the sandwich into a rectangle.
24. I did not let you play in the car.
25. I asked to go to rest.
26. He threw his cap off at night.
27. I did not let him pick up the phone.
28. I sat on the wrong side of the couch.
29. The rain started.
30. I had to cook.
31. His staff agreed.
32. He poured out the water.
33. I cleaned it up with a red burner. He should have been with the roses.
34. I took a shower.
35. I helped his betty do the lesson.
36. She couldn't find her baby pink shoes.
37. I gave him birth to come for a bath.
38. I gave him the idea to get out of the code.
39. He was itching from the turkey.
40. Her boyfriend picked up her pajamas sooner than she did.
41. I was wrong in the storybook.
42. The macija has fallen off the boulevard.
43. I didn't tickle him well.
44. I wondered.Most importantly, when your little one is believing because he or she doesn't get the morning drink in a good glass, remember that the world is full of moms and dads who think they have a bad choice of glass I need patience with the kids. Then, of course, let's start with health next day. Because even the worst hysterics are wiped out by a hug, a kiss, and a "I love you mom."


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