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The baby's hearing

The baby's hearing

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Everyone is thinking about a healthy baby. It doesn't matter whether she's a girl or a girl with blue or brown eyes, blond or black hair, just to be healthy. When they are born, we long for that certainty.

"Eight hуnapos age vettйk йszre йdesanyбmйk to hear bad. Nйgy hуnappal kйsхbb I hallуkйszьlйket, hбromйvesen you have already logopйdushoz jбrtam. The elsх osztбlyt started the Nagyothallуk Бltalбnos Iskolбjбban Budapest, where tanйv vйgйn бtнrattak the igazgatу javaslatбra a normбl бltalбnos iskolбba. Kйsхbb gimnбziumban learned tovбbb, then I would have kцnyvtбros lenni.A pбlyavбlasztбsi tanбcsadу did not recommend bцlcsйszkart instead kьldtek lбtszerйsz iskolбba Elvйgeztem and utбna also got gyуgyszerйsz assistant kйpzettsйget Vйgьl mйgiscsak arrafelй took my journey, wherever originally vбgytam.. the Veszprйmi Tanбrkйpzх Karбn kйmia University, majoring kцrnyezettan I completed my language exam and passed the intermediate language exam in Germany. I went to my speech therapist until I was eighteen years old, To Németh Veronica. Dear, open-minded person, his vast expertise has helped me a lot to successfully overcome the obstacles I have encountered in my life. ). I wear hearing aids and study at the Deaf Elementary School in Budapest. She was born on April 28, 2000 Kinga Our son, who was hearing in the hospital, undertook the instrumental hearing test (BERA-type objective test), which was negative. Fellйlegeztьnk. Home like that we got a biphon which caused us to blink when it was flushed.King's speech initially resembled that of his contemporaries, that is to say, he was giggling and barking. Everything was fine, I was breastfeeding for more than two years. Mews was aged when I noticed that he could not hear the low voices, the whisper. A hearing later a month later at the Heim Paul Court revealed, unfortunately, my suspicion. Kinga hadn't really heard the low voices falling in the sound of the decibels.

If you don't hear the baby well

At the suggestion of the National Examination Expert Committee, early development has begun, and the use of hearing aids is not yet recommended. In January 2002 we started hearing educationwhich was followed by speech therapy sessions in early September. In the meantime, on medical advice, we did a genetic test of all of us because we wanted to know if Kinga's hearing was in evidence. According to the results of the examination, we carry the same defective gene that our baby carries Our early development has had a very positive effect: Kinga has begun to speak, she uses uttered sentences, polite formulas, speaks in sentences, and she loves songs a lot, and knows a lot. Twenty-two months ago, he said the first session. Our experience is that early development and, if needed, hallucinatory care, or the new surgical technique, cochlear implant Hearing impaired children can integrate into the school like hearing children. Kinga soon reinvents herself in childhood, though she will be retracted at first. Even if you have to wear the ears of the earliest, it is very important that you can talk as soon as you can, and that communication with other people will not be difficult. "Zsuzsanna Szoldбthné Kцlcsei, BudapestAfter birth, each baby is carefully examined by the baby. Not only does he look at his reflexes, his health, but he also orders laboratory or instrumental examinations if he sees fit. Part of this routine check is New Year's Eve Hearing too. Unfortunately, it is still called so in most places "baby screen"This is a simple reflex test that shows the baby's eyes twinkle strongly when you hear a strong sound effect. However, this is not a reliable procedure. For example, a more up-to-date and more reliable test measurement of otoacoustic emissionswhich, with the help of a little preparation, can produce meaningful results without the mediation of the child. Luckily, the more sophisticated instrumental examination of babies that are so screened out and problematic is fortunately not overwhelming for the little ones, and this is usually done by a specialist in otorhinolaryngology, usually under anesthesia.

When should I take my baby for a hearing test?

  • If you have a history of hearing loss in the family. The hearing of infants may not always be detected immediately after birth.
  • During pregnancy, certain infections, toxic effects, and certain systemic metabolic disorders can cause birth defects in the mother.
  • Premature, intra-uterine or midwifery conditions may also be a risk factor.
  • Childhood meningitis, cerebral inflammation, various infectious diseases, and toxic substances can also cause damage.
  • In the case of cranial cerebral palsy, hearing should also be considered, especially if the child's speech development does not start or develops sufficiently.
  • Healthy babies start to giggle a couple of weeks later. This lovely voice is merely a "practice" of the speaking organs. This baby figure represents another very important stimulus. You will soon learn that you can use your voice to influence your environment. After a few weeks, this "conversation" may make the giggles feel more intense, and more colorful, lasting, and more varied. THE she is constantly "talking" with her child without any special pedagogical intentions, it teaches the correct use of the mother tongue. This ellenйre vбlaszolhatnak very йlйnken the kцrьlцttьk zajlу esemйnyekre, watching his every move, the fйnyek vбltakozбsбra, the sounds kнsйrх egyйb jelensйgekre, rezgйsekre.A kцrnyezetйvel бllandуan contact megtйvesztheti the inexperienced e tйren szьlхket, nagyszьlхket keresх hallбssйrьlt children kцnnyen, but often mйg the professionals. It is considered a reassuring sign, for example, that the little one is gaining weight or turning to noise when the door slammed. In fact, it only happened that when the door was opened, there was a slight breeze on her face or light in her bedroom. We are aware of these phenomena, but the sound of the door slamming is a much stronger stimulus for us - we should rather pay attention to it.

    Where to turn?

    If you have any suspicion of hearing loss, you should contact one of the hearing examining stations associated with the ear-nose examinations. In the case of hearing loss, they will assess the hearing impairment and give advice on the following. In addition, regular Early Childhood Education should be provided by specialist therapists throughout the country. THE early hearing care the babies' attention to sounds, and the parents are effectively involved in this work.

    Artificial sense organ

    If early hearing and speech development do not work well, parents in our country cochlear implant center specialist. Such centers are located in Budapest and Szeged, at the Clinic of Fül-Orr-Géza. cochleбris implantбtum an artificial organ that senses the hearing system, a device that is equipped with the most advanced techniques available today and is implanted in the inner ear in the form of a skull. With the help of it, the voice of the environment - a miniature machine - is transformed into an electrical signal and transmitted to an electrode inserted inside the screw. This electrode directly stimulates the auditory nerve and thus creates the hearing needed for speech learning. In the case of operations performed before the age of six, it is not possible to develop so-called secondary injuries, such as behavioral disorder, At the same time, a speech therapist, a nurse educator (also a pediatrician specializing in hearing aids), helps the child develop. Usually, two to three years later, it is apparent to the outsider how great the small biscuits are. The costs of the intervention are estimated by the OEP.Specialist: Alice Szamoskцzi speech therapist, Clinic of Fül-Orr-Gyészeti, SzegedOther useful articles about hearing:
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