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They do not use eczema for bath oils

They do not use eczema for bath oils

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Every fifth child suffers from atopic dermatitis. We often recommend that eczema use different oil baths to ease their complaints. It has now come to light that bath oils are ineffective in eczema.

They do not use eczema for bath oilsAccording to a recent study, the use of bath oils for eczema is completely ineffective. The study published in the BMJ presents the results of a study conducted in England and Wales. According to this study, 482 children between the ages of 1 and 11 years were examined, all of whom had atopic dermatitis complaints. One group was bathed in an oil bath for one year and the other was not. Based on the results it can be concluded that the use of the oil bath did not lead to a significant improvement, although there was a slight positive effect in children under 5 years. The ъn. However, overall, the results of the oil bath have remained below clinically relevant levels. Researchers have therefore not only advised parents of bathing in oily water, but also because of the potential risk of slipping. Not to mention that turkeys and clothing also look oily and greasy.Related articles in Eczema:
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