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Should your child have a summer vacation or a lot of activities?

Should your child have a summer vacation or a lot of activities?

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Each year there is a dilemma for parents of school children about how to organize summer for the 11 week summer break.

Should your child have a summer vacation or a lot of activities?

Many people are afraid that a lack of sufficient programs will only make the child miss, count, or be bored all day long, and that is why every week is a fun, family holiday, or other activity. As in many cases, the best solution is we organize programs, but let the child do just that, relax, get bored.Many believe that we are good parents if we give everything to our child. That's why every summer they try to keep their students busy: language, equestrian, adventure, civic family vacation in the spirit of being off when you get a new sight every day. "What's incredible is that kids don't just programs not only have to be relaxed, but also have a relaxing weekday with your parents to relax the patents of year-round learning. It is not necessary to over-organize the summer for parents, but it is advisable to rethink and advise the child to say if you are planning to travel with an airplane, do you want to travel with it? "- advises Gönczi DorkaFor children, not only is the family off when traveling with their families, but also when they spend a couple of days at home, nobody rushes anywhere, there is time and opportunity to watch each other. The essence is the common activity, whether it is ice cream, beach or gardening. , repeats during a relaxed week at home.Acceptance of outcomes also burdens the little ones. If you are traveling from the family to the outdoors, to the beach, you should also take the time to see the attractions and relax, bathe, everyone - parents and children.
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