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What to eat for a 3-4 year old kid? Trend tips from a specialist

What to eat for a 3-4 year old kid? Trend tips from a specialist

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It causes each parent a little quibble to alter the order of their child's education. At the age of 3-4 years, the time when little ones can eat all solid foods and when we can make healthy diets.

What does a 3-4 year old kid eat?At the time of kindergarten, the nutrition of children is exactly the same as the composition of a healthy adult diet, and as such, there are no forbidden foods, just avoidable quantities, Orsolya Abonyi from dietitian, graduate nutritionist. The age of 3-4 years gives birth to autonomy, and the mental and physical development of children undergoes significant changes by that time, apart from being exceptionally small, such as fish.

The kindergarten is right

According to the dietitian, it is worth looking at how the preschool card is put together and adapting it at home to try to make a difference. It is also worth talking to your baby about what your child has eaten, how much he has left on the table, so that we can optimally find the food he consumes at home, both in quantity and quality. three main and two smaller meals contains, paying attention to animal protein, high vegetable and fruit intake, as well as a variety of cereals, as well as energy-free liquid intake - of course, no morning cocoa is forbidden. "Your lunch should be as double as possible, including soup, although this is sorted out in kindergarten, so we have to pay attention to this over the weekend," said Orsolya Abonyi. Soups can be part of the kids' diet every day, but cookers are also great sources of vegetable intake.

Pay attention to food balance!

It is important that the children's diet includes a variety of cereals on a daily basis - let's introduce them to the alternative cereals beyond the usual wheat-rice - and the fruits can provide a good solution for your meal or snack. - Milk and dairy products are excellent sources of calcium to cover whites with lean meat and fish. Do not skip the entrails and the eggs, but do not eat them at the same time, the little one called the expert. Ideally, half of the protein consumption is derived from animal foods, and half is derived from foods of plant origin, so at least the diet contains animal foods.

Snack only whole!

Nass is not forbidden for children at this time, but make sure you include healthy snacks in your little ones' diet with as little as possible of added sugar. - It's not a bad choice, for example, a cream bar, but let's think about how much better it is to make it yourself with yogurt, talent and, for example, homemade sugar-free marmalade. You can choose from healthier snacks, such as wholesome options, such as innocent vodka, or homemade butterflies, which are also offered by a child.

Sold food is also allowed

Many are afraid to serve cool treats for children of this size, although they also have a place in a variety of diets. - However, the szнv-йrrendszer vйdelme, йrdemes get elhнzбs prevenciуja йrdekйben tцrekednьnk sajбt, also йs gyermekьnk йtrendjйben zsнrszegйnyebb of raw materials szintйn zsнrszegйnyebb konyhatecholуgiai eljбrбsokkal tцrtйnх elkйszнtйsйre - he hozzб Abonyi Orsolya - as the pйldбul sьtхzacskу alkalmazбsбra.Related articles in our Schedule:
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