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Mars' Pregnant Man's Plate 24-28. week - Small grapefruit to cake

Mars' Pregnant Man's Plate 24-28. week - Small grapefruit to cake

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Everything started so quiet this month. I slowed down and the world, and the bar to the outside, seemed to me to be perpetually, it was just a sight.

If I had to use big words, I'd say I was finally in harmony with myself. I may go more than the average, but only because I'm full of energy and not a little crazy. My soul is in such order and tranquility that I have never felt before. What's less and less important is what I happen to enjoy, and I really enjoy the way the world slowly diminishes on my growing tummy.
No, I don't have a rocking chair, I don't play, and I don't listen to Mozart either - but I still don't feel like a bad mother, and I don't think I'd miss anything. Happiness is not what I need.
After work, I run home to my family, study, play, have dinner, and when everything is quiet, the best part of the day, the baby begins. It's just our time, my son and mine. As soon as I walk down the sofa, he immediately starts to moan. Here's a backpack, here's a little hand, now a loop, then a salute. He slips into my hand, runs off his bed, and then snaps back into my warm palms. Strangely, it is much more active than the girls and moves so powerfully that my stomach begins to express itself in a circular motion. It doesn't even make a little sense if you think about it, it gives you an instant sign that is very reassuring. If my day was a bit more intense, I combine tummy tuck with a warm bath, which is a guaranteed relaxation and sedative for both of us and more intensive movement.
Perhaps this overwhelmingly idyllic calmness was the reason why I resigned myself and decided that I had some unused reserves. All of this, coupled with a flash of logic, led logically to the rethinking of the home. I guess that's how all moms are.
We started getting a complete home improvement with my first child, and I didn't want to give up any more. One day I woke up and realized that I had no idea where a baby would go. And the diaper. And the play mat. And, in general, where are you going to kill 73 children and two grown up on 73 square meters? I just made it clear that our apartment is totally unfit to live in it anymore. Adding to the years he had complained of errors that the darkness had no balcony and no elevator in the house, there were countless scars in my hand. So with my forehand we counted, divided and multiplied, we came up with credit counseling, real estate, and had to think twice before choosing.
Or take a brutally large loan and move it into a nice big apartment, which will cost you about vacating your vacation for about thirty to three years and seeing Daddy because he will be around the clock.
Or we will compromise on the current situation, in many ways our homes, and try to get the best out of it.
Contrary to hormones, he was extremely successful after a good autumn and some paternal design, and it turned out that a gallery and some flexibility can solve the problem of a poor boy's nursery very well. The girls were finally given a playroom where they could safely hide their little chats, and we, as adults, had a working gallery that solves the problem in front of the eye.
The decision, of course, was only the beginning, as the implementation comes with little organization, maceras and problems. Starting with finding the right craftsman, continuing with the refurbishment, packing, furnishing and moving the furniture. All this because life went on - so we wake up in the morning at six in the morning to get everyone to work and get home after 8pm. And packing was usually overnight when everyone was out and about and most of all she was pregnant.
The rumor has its own peculiar waves and mountains - at the beginning, every little note is worth it, it's in place, and there's no point in licking it, which is unnecessary, going to the trash. The jewels he has collected over the years help to determine the school paperbeater competition, the jars for the selective junk, and the Christmas tree for the last year.
By the end, you've managed to create some acceptable order, but of course, where's the ideal state? There is a play gallery, a study, a large, wardrobe - but the third baby is always in active use with the cousin and only the plans are in place. So I reassure myself that a little baby will eventually fall asleep in the honeymoon for a couple of months or in his parents' bed. That's all we want to give her.
Immron officially entered the third third. I'm sure many people call me paramamba, but I was especially reassured when I turned 26 because I knew from now on the tummy would be entitled to all the benefits if it arrives sooner.
The doctor's newest blood count and ultrasound are expecting me, but since my pregnancy is uncomplicated, there is no need for bleeding or sputum to suggest premature birth, no need for a vaginal examination.
"Ultrasound allows you to estimate the weight of the fetus at this time, which will, of course, increase a lot until birth, but first, individual characteristics appear," explains Ambrus. - Up to this point, all fetuses are growing at a similar rate, but by the 28th of the week, there are individual conditions to look out for. If the fetus's body weight is above average, it may be indicative of gestational diabetes, if less, of developmental malformation or inadequate function of the placenta. In this case, it is still possible to make sure that your baby is healthy and well, so thorough examination is important.
Marcsi's doctor is dr. Zoltán Ambrus is a midwife, Medicover