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Signs that speech development is coming

Signs that speech development is coming

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Every parent has a baby's voice that finally hears their child's mouth: "Mom." The majority of the little ones start talking consciously between the ages of 1-2 years.

If you have a speech

Some of us are often not only able to express just one word but two words to express what they want. Don't your baby do that? When to worry? We have summarized the most important information about speech development that has been done. If your child is 2 years old but you still do not have the ability to use them and you are not able to use them, then according to the official point of view, you are suffering from speech development. Although every child evolves, and every child evolves, but Over 2 years old, most children confidently use at least 50 children, which make it even sentences.If your child starts to speak less than they should, their speech errors will appear and shift. Children who start talking less often have one of the most common speech disorders, the whim, which persists until early school years. Delayed speech development can render reading and reading difficult, less dyslexic, and poorer in performance.

Features of delayed speech development

0-1 years old
- Your baby is a little witty, always the same
- there is no difference between the sounds he gives
- I am not interested in the speech of those who are interested in it1-5 years old
- the first words are not pronounced correctly
- crap
- you cannot pronounce long words, only pronounce them at the beginning
- the shrub starts to grow at 3 years, but not even in significant quantities
- Speaks in sentences of 2-3 words up to 4-5 years6-8 years old
- he always speaks incorrectly
- stubborn, stubborn crunch
- you have difficulty editing a sentence

Common reasons for blocked speech development include:

- Flushing, mainly fatherly
- Interleaved midwifery, which affected areas responsible for speech development
- if you were born prematurely
- severe bodily developmental disorder
- general inertia in motor movements
- cerebral palsy in young children
- Poor environment: if parents do not speak to their babyborns, they can be corrected with the help of speech development specialists. As a parent with small children, it is your job to constantly communicate with your baby. Play with him a lot, use spoken words, ask him questions, motivate him to speak. Conversely, if you experience any of the above signs, do not be afraid to seek specialist help.Related Articles:
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