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How Much Does a Baby Eat?

How Much Does a Baby Eat?

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One of the biggest concerns of every beginner mother is whether her baby is eating enough? Is there so much information that it's hard to decide who to believe in: our mother, our protector, or the information on the Internet?

How much to eat?

The answer is simpler than we think. Caution, subjective content follows! I am not a nursing child or a nutritionist, but I have three children and many acquaintances with small children, so I think I have seen and done two things in my childhood diet. I want to share my experiences to help you avoid breastfeeding and breastfeeding, which can be an easy way for a beginner mum.

As described in the booklet…?

I was very happy to find out that my twins were giving birth, but I started to start cooking, how will I feed them in advance? I started surfing the net and baby forums, and met with a bunch of celebrity experts who told me about tutuing about breastfeeding and weight gain. I read an ineffective amount of articles in various books on the subject, and by the time the babies were born, I thought that I had completely covered myself in the subject. And they ate. They both suckled in a different rhythm and demanded supplementation on occasion. And although at first, I loved them before and after eating, quitting this anxious habit, because after breastfeeding, it may have been a few decades less in the balance than before.

Spontán is the best!

Rita my friend also ran into the baby nutrition scale. Your first baby, JбzminDuring his birth, he caught an old-fashioned guard who dropped a note during one of his visits saying he was not gaining weight in a way that was not normal. Rita is very frightened, felvбsбrolta the lйtezх цsszes szakkцnyvet, led sъlygyarapodбsi naplуt, йs hбrom уrбnkйnt prуbбlta feed the little Jбzmint.Az elsх weeks kiegyensъlyozott Jбzmin seemed worn out the kцtelezх etetйseket, Rita is getting eltцkйltebben prуbбlta "felhizlalni" the babбt, that meet a tankцnyvi And to protect them. It took months for her to realize that Jasmine had nothing to worry about, and that she didn't eat as much and less weight as her contemporaries, a perfectly balanced, and deprived the parent of child rearing for a long time.

How much fun she has

Of course, it is reassuring to everyone that your child "brings the numbers" and thrives on the expectation. If numbers are important to you, use the nutrition balance, but until you have a breastfeeding routine, you do not know the baby, and you can not tell if you have eaten enough. At least three months later you can stop weighing because from now on, many times more trouble than good, you already know so little that you know when you're good-humored. If she is balanced, smiling, suckling for at least 10-15 minutes, daily 5-6 pisis pelusa there is no need to worry about it.After half a year, besides eating, it is not worth measuring the breasts, because in this case, too much exercise and other meals can cause you to believe in false results. And to answer the question in my address, the baby eats so much, as much as she deserves. Infants are much more flexible on their own than parents usually believe or leave them. However, if you still have doubts, feel free to ask more independent professionals (nurses, pediatricians, breastfeeding counselors) to answer your uneasy questions.
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