This year's flu epidemic is more aggressive

This year's flu epidemic is more aggressive

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Any more aggressive flu outbreaks are expected in the coming weeks. Within a week, there were 11,000 new patients in the country, and there are several hospitals that have been banned from visiting.

This year's flu epidemic is more aggressiveAny more aggressive flu outbreak is expected this time. Within a week, there were 11,000 new patients in the country. The healing process can last up to 2-3 weeks and the severity of the disease can be much higher during this period. 16.8% of the patients were children and 40.6% were young adults aged 15-34 years. In the 35-59 age group, 29.8% of the patients and 12.8% of the patients were over 60. In the first weeks of January, most people in Zala, Békés, Pest and Fejérr counties sought medical help with flu-like symptoms. According to data, the influenza A virus is causing diseases at this time. With high fever, gentle headaches, dry cough, muscle pain for several days. The tьnetek йs the szцvхdmйnyek - tьdхgyulladбs, kцzйpfьlgyulladбs - also ordered a ban lбtogatбsi erхsebbek idйn.Hбrom kуrhбzban the tцrцkbбlinti Tьdхgyуgyintйzetben, Bethesda Gyermekkуrhбzban йs Semmelweis University Belgyуgyбszati ​​Klinikбjбn.A gyуgyulбs a hйttхl akбr take a 2-3 hйtig. Last year, when the disease peaked, 16,000 were referred to a doctor.Related articles about influenza:
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