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Programming: Fairytale Mission in the Vajdahunyadvr

Programming: Fairytale Mission in the Vajdahunyadvr

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What does the phoenix make up a phoenix? What does an Equine Horse Eat? How do the Griffins grow? - all these and many fabulous secrets are revealed in the interactive exhibit in Vajdahunyadvár, which can only be visited until the end of the autumn break, November 3!

Programming: Fairytale Mission in the VajdahunyadvrThe New Autumn Interactive Exhibition in Vajdahunyadvár, and the name of the game, is a fantasy adventure called fairytale mission. The lбtogatуk sorбn can wander into the jбtйk never lбtott tбjakat, mikцzben crafty fejtцrхk йs mythical kihнvбsok make prуbбra tudбsukat йs йrzйkeiket.Egy Greedy Goblin ьgykцdik fortйlyos plan: the captured mesйk йs mнtoszok varбzslйnyeit to megkaparinthassa the Gold Mountain kincsйt segнtsйgьkkel. The kйpzeletbeli kьldetйs cйlja the legendбs lйnyek kiszabadнtбsa йs the Kobold bыvцs medбljбnak megszerzйse.A jбtйk sorбn the lбtogatуk kiderнthetik to kйpesek to kiszabadнtani a manуt the бlomcsapdбbуl whether to recognize a griffin lбbnyomбt or objections to any of them egyszarvъ karбmjбnak trьkkцs illъziуja. Find out more about whether a team can handle a dwarf dwarf, a fluffy phoenix, or a dingy dragonfly. Going to the exhibit, attendees can discover the world of fairy tales, meet myths and tales with a number of legendary creatures, marvel at their astonishing looks, and their magical imagery. The mission will require a heart, a good nose, a sharp eye and a firm eye to complete the mission. But if all the secrets are cleared, the reward will not be missed! When you enter, visitors will receive a text-based playbook that will bring them closer and closer to the goal. Expanding on exhibitions and games with over 1000 square meters of revitalized visuals, unique installations, a wealth of fabulous discovery, and adventures, you are looking forward to adventure travel. THE EXHIBITIONS OF THE WARS - A FAIRY MESSAGE and games can only be visited until November 3 in Vajdahunyadvár. Important information that the exhibit will be closed on October 28 and 29, October 23-27. and with open daily opening hours from October 30 to November 3, from 9 am to 5 pm The exhibition will be settled in the f exhibition organizer.
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Extraordinary Holidays and Holidays Opening Hours:
October 28th, 29th (Wed, Tue) - ZBRVA!
October 23-27, October 30 - November 3 - OPEN 9-17!
Age rating: 4-99 years old
At check-in, visitors receive a textbook and children under the age of 7 can play with the help of their parents. Exhibition and games enter min. It takes 1-1.5 ounces.