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Symptoms of Down syndrome

Symptoms of Down syndrome

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What are some of the external features that give rise to the suspicion that the baby has Down syndrome?

Symptoms of Down syndrome

Newborns, where there is some evidence of Down syndrome, are subjected to genetic testing, which can be done by diagnosis.

What Symptoms Can Indicate Your Baby's Down Syndrome?

Some symptoms of Down syndrome can be observed in non-Down syndrome babies, but in Downos babies it is common to see more than one symptom at a time. It is important that these external marks do not show the baby's abilities. We can experience a baby with Down's syndrome on his own. Brushfield points: tiny white spots on the heartbeat. This appearance is unaffected. Hypotonic muscle tone and laxity are also common in Down syndrome babies. The limbs and fingers are shorter, the little finger shorter by one minute than usual and inward. The toes can be shorter and characteristic of you. sandals when the big toe and the next toe are visible. We saw a cross line on the palm.The baby with Down syndrome has a smaller head and thighs thinner than the average.
The mouth, ears and nose are smaller, the ears are flat, and the nostrils may be flatter.
There are often slower growth rates and lower growth rates in their peers.The Down syndrome babies have large individual differences, much larger than non Downos babies. They have outward features that are typical of the multitude, but they are also more like their family lawyers.
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