Another baby was born

Another baby was born

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She was the first baby born in Greece to use male fertility and maternal oocytes, as well as a donor's ovum, in artificial fertilization (IVF).

The baby was born on Tuesday with a weight of 2.9 kilograms and is healthy with his mother. In the course of intrauterine insemination, IVF, in addition to maternal ovum and maternal oocytes, the donor's ova were also used. The method has been developed for cases where the mother carries a serious mitochondrial abnormality that the fetus would transmit - reports medicalonline.hu.Another baby was born The mitochondria are found in almost every human cell, and play a role in energy storage and storage. This organ is a defect in mitochondrial disease. Replacing the patient's mothers with a donor mitochondria can prevent fetal disease. However, mitochondria are expected to play a role in conception and pregnancy, but this has not been proven in 2016, first born in a Jordanian family and then in 2017 in Kiev. The current Greek mother has undergone IVF, which was 32 years old and previously failed.
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