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The Hungarian Suttogou was also a lyricist

The Hungarian Suttogou was also a lyricist

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Opinions are divided about what and how much sports a baby has. In most cases, you can move around in nine months. But what about riding a horse?

Kata Pataky rides early in her adulthood. Although he was a bar, he chose not to equine, but became a Hungarian - double-skinned champion in the 90s. However, horses have always played an important role in life, so in 2007 they decided to train horses in a non-violent way. He traveled to America, to Monty Roberts, the world-class trainer most often referred to as Suttogunkin. Nella studied and - first in our country - obtained a degree in education. Since 2010 he has been teaching the method to the Hungarian Suttogoku.
"When I found out in July that I was expecting baby dolls," he says, "my first request to my doctor was how long I could ride. He replied that as far as he was concerned. I'm not denying it, I breathed it, as I meant something like "asking is wrong." Finally, I stayed watching for my body's signs, doing nothing strenuous, and riding.
As the weeks went by, the months passed, I realized there was no change. Because my body was accustomed to this type of physical exercise, it did not pose any additional stress during the term.
The first three months I spent less on lira because I was tired all the time. Then came the second third, I was the embodiment of the energy bomb, and I could accomplish my daily riding without any difficulty. My body was reassuring: my stomach was not strained, and I didn't feel any uncomfortable rustling between the horsemen. And I hugged the horses well, I didn't put on a young, inexperienced lira.

The horses also preserve it

- A separate chapter began when my baby started to move. I noticed that the little one was completely relaxed when I was close to horses, whether on the ground or on the barn. But as soon as I sat down to rest, he immediately began to move. It is a shocking and striking fact that the horses are also in good shape. Horses are fleeing animals, so they behave exactly the opposite, like predators, including us humans. The weak are protected and not excluded. They are very sensitive to energy, they know our intentions accurately, and they also preserve their vulnerability and service. That is why it is possible to get help in the case of therapeutic processes. During the quest, I realized that they were more relaxed with me. Kata emphasizes that horses need to be stimulated and able to be controlled at every moment, no matter how good their relationship with humans is. Therefore, the riding itself and the occupation of the horses also entail risks. Even an older, more experienced lulu can cause an accident. Because of this, he decided to quit riding at the end of the sixth month. But she's looking forward to living with her baby.


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