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Should we sleep with the child alone or alone?

Should we sleep with the child alone or alone?

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Opinions about the baby sleeping with the baby are divided. Are you good at sleeping with your little one, or just sleeping and putting him to bed? Are there any general rules? Psychology was also asked about the topic.

"There are no enforced rules, and I can't even make recipes for everyone. It's good to have the child and, of course, our own needs in mind," he says. Füredi Katica, psychologist.

Initially, sleeping with your baby may be a good solution

During the first few weeks, most pregnant women sleep with their baby. There are some who put the baby in the bedroom, but there is also an example of putting the little one beside them, so that they do not have to worry about night-time breastfeeding. " that the child seems to be annoyed by us. But the reason is that the newborns are often starved to death, fogzбs can cause painful nights, but most of this time you can have a n. also separation anxiety. Anxiety can be triggered if a small number is so important and a well-known adult leaves her alone, which may cause her to cry more often after her mother, "the specialist calls attention. "I didn't want to wake my brother up every night and it was easier for me to sleeping with a child, to feed, to diaper. We put a sponge on the ground and slept on it. After six weeks, the baby slept with my baby in the crib. We may be lucky, but we have never had a particular problem with our sleep. Zoe's first teeth came out eight months ago, then there was our sleepless night. I always look up to her when she wakes me up and as women fall asleep more and more, I'm not afraid to stroke her, "says Anita.

Fear of darkness

At the age of two to three, the majority of children may be afraid of the dark, and even of fairy tales and feathers, and this is the time when sleep difficulties can occur. If we are serious about the fears of a small child, before we fall asleep, our night will be lighter. Using night light can also be a solution.

Should we sleep with the child alone or alone?

One day from the cats, the other ones came forward Nightmares. "I didn't really understand what was happening to Sombor when he woke up awake that he was very scared. I could only reassure him that I was sleeping with him. The light is on, my son is sleeping soundly, "says Kata.

There's always a reason to be close to motherhood

"The little ones will find the reason if they are seeking maternity or reassurance. Let's not let the baby cry, because then you will learn that it is not worth asking for help, because it is in vain, no one responds. the confidence is shakenwhich also has a negligible impact on the spiritual development of the little one, "Katica Füredi explains. We slept with me hard. Then, when we moved into our house, he didn't want to sleep in his room anymore, even though he'd bought him a pretty Thomas train bed. Good kid, my closeness is important to him. Even if you find it very difficult to fall asleep in your own bed, you always get up at dawn. It's school, but we are waking up every morning, and now we're just getting along with our little ones, "Adrien tells us." sleeping in the living room. At this age, we can mostly explain to the child why we want him to sleep in his own room. It can help to equip him with a sleeping cage in which he likes to break his head. Night visits during difficult times - sickness, bad mood, moving, little brother - need to be counted on, so in this case there is a real need for reassurance.

You can press the stamp on the connection

His marriage began to descend when he moved into the nursery. "At first, I was just going to anesthetize the kids, and after a while of fatigue, I fell asleep sooner than they did, and then woke up every morning in their room. Not only did And I slept with the kids instead. If I have a new relationship, I'm definitely not going to make that mistake, "says Avva." influences if the child is asleep with me. I emphasize that there must always be a solution that is both acceptable to the parents and, of course, acceptable to the child.If the mom , it can easily lead to a relationship problem after a while, but this behavior cannot be said for a while kйrvйnyыnek not jelenthetх egyйrtelmыen out that in any case a child alvбs pбrkapcsolati vбlsбghoz "- highlights Fьredi Katica, pszicholуgus.A megnyugtatбs, very important for the szьlхi jelenlйt little anesthesia And also on the night awakenings. Fortunately, there are no mandatory rules as to how this takes place, and everyone has to experience for themselves what works best in the family and works for everyone. Feel free to trust our usts at this time as well.
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