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Why does the kid have his own head?

Why does the kid have his own head?

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It is surprisingly common for little ones to beat their heads into objects. Scary freak, but what could be the reason? Need to worry about it?

It's scary, but it's not that rare that a tiny guy deliberately puts his own head into something. Up to 20 percent of babies can do this, and some studies suggest that boys adopt this bad habit three times more than girls. The baby usually shows this behavior at the age of 1 year, and in the age group 18-24. by tomorrow. Dependent on how long this lasts, there are people who are sick for a few months, but it can be that it can last for years, though most children grow up to 3 years old.

But what should we do?

No matter how strange it sounds, there are kids who are relaxed and soothed by this action. Rhythmic movement, for example, can help your little ones fall asleep. According to development experts, it's like they are rocking a little, so the baby owns it calms itself downWe also wouldn't think that it might be painful to have a baby kicking his head in the brain, for example, even though this is an explanation for this activity. In the case of inflammation, for example, this can easily happen, so you feel the least pain and distract from the original problem. the strong sentiment, the dhroham, is led by this little one. Since he does not yet know how to express his senses and senses with the right words, he does so by physical activity. And here we turn back to reassurance, because if it is stressful, for example, the child can calm down. Of course, it raises its head from awareness baby for something. Which, let's face it, works, because the parent will probably throw away all the food and jump to the baby.Unfortunately may also indicate a developmental disorder this is a seemingly destructive process, such as autism or other behavioral disorders. Rarely, but it may happen that there is a more serious problem with everything in the background.

What can I do for her?

Give him the care and attention he wants, but not when he just hits his head. And if you do that, do not despise, do not punish, because rejection, the sanction can only make things worse.


If your baby is sleeping in cots, it is worth checking the bolts monthly to see if they are loose. Make a soft cloth for the crampons, or between the baby and the wall (or even the floor) so that the little head does not strike so hard. The little ones we can regulate the overall measure, they will not force their heads into the wall with much force to hurt them. Even the little ones are well aware of the pain thresholds that they don't want to go through.They may also be interested in:
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