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140,000 Hungarian children in danger - today is World Anti-Poverty Day

140,000 Hungarian children in danger - today is World Anti-Poverty Day

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140,000 Hungarian children in danger - today is World Anti-Poverty Day

Today, in Hungary, 140,000 children can be taken away from their parents at any time, most of them due to poverty and its consequences. SOS Children's Villages presents this family couple in short films. October 17 - World Day for the Fight Against Poverty.

140,000 children in danger

She wants to ride a bike, dance and wear mini skirts last week. All of this may not seem like the size of a womb for a 42-year-old woman, but Eva is one of the legs before Christmas. She is cherished by her 13-year-old girl, in the greatest poverty and love. She's a single mom, she can't work during rehab, and her help is not enough to improve their living conditions. " Which teenager does this to the end? Because of the circumstances I'm afraid that anyone will remember, this kid is not me and will be lost to me. " Stephen is not only a daily struggle with poverty, but also an exclusive guardian of children's secrets. "It was always my job to go and make money, I didn't have to raise a kid, it was a stranger to me." When Stephen was left alone with the children, he learned. "I have to be right here, I'm both a father and a mother." Ildikó has completed eight classes, and after years of working, she lives in a decent poverty with three children. Although the men are explicitly in danger of danger, they fear the future, they have never turned their heads to lose children. "I told them, as long as you can, learn, don't want to be a community worker. Ildikу puts everything into educating the girls." that poverty can take children away from their parents. Although by law, no child can be lifted out of his or her family because of this, poverty and its consequences are the leading cause of family disparity, he said. Lilac of Szilvássi, Child Protection Program Director at SOS Children's Villages. "Preventive and family-friendly programs should be given more prominence than children." In the SOS program, families receive poultry, and SOS mentoring teaches them how to farm legally. The goal is for at least 70% of the families participating in the program to care for their children without risk at the age of 2.


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