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10 baby stuff you know you'll never need

10 baby stuff you know you'll never need

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A mother with a first child has a tendency to fall prey to marketing tricks and to combine every kind of birth to a newborn that she will never use in her life.

10 baby stuff you know you'll never need

To avoid this, we have made a list of unnecessary baby holsters. To help get rid of these gossip from the sea of ​​needy baby stuff, we've put together a list "what not to buy for the child"cnmmel.

1. Towel warmers

You can save up to 10,000 forints on the net if you don't spend on a buttocks heater. Okay, touching the cold wipe may not make your baby happy, but you can easily avoid this by placing the towel on the radiator for a few minutes before diapering. Or you can simply use cotton wool dipped in warm water. Pipe.

2. Plenty of Newborn Baby Clothes

The 56's are really cute, a bunch of baby clothes, but it's better that you know that in about 3 weeks your baby will grow out (it's better to have a little baby by the time you are born). Try to get the same size as the first three sizes (56-62-68) so you can avoid having to wear a bunch of baby clothes that weren't small at all.

3. Baby shoes

Like newborn clothes, tiny baby bibs are completely redundant at this age. Until your child starts to walk, there is no need for booties. A thick sock is the perfect solution, and you should put the money aside for school when you have to spend a month on new shoes anyway.

4. Baby Bites

Nowadays, it is usually not fashionable to star baby before and after eating, and you will also be calmer if you do not constantly pay attention to the little weight. Anyway, the doctor will measure it monthly, and if you have a problem, you can always rent one for a couple of thousand forints. Believe in yourself, if your baby is mostly cheerful, well-off, and produces enough pisi-kakis diapers, then everything is fine.

5. Baby bedding

Papillon, parsnip, canopy. Believe it is beautiful to pass the baby curtain to the bedding, but believe me, a newborn has no need for these. Mostly not for Parnu, you can forget about it for a couple of years! Spend this money on a better quality mattress.

6. Diaper Garter

Theoretically, these speckow rods prevent the emptying of unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, however, what is true is that the kakis pelus will be so, anyway, impossible to do. In addition, diapers need to be constantly taken into account, which means extra spending. The perfect solution is to pack a pouch on a pouch outside, so you can go to a regular trash bag that you smoke every day.

7. Autologous baby glass heater

It also sounds good to heat your baby's milk in the middle, but you shouldn't forget that these heaters are sluggish and macerating. During this time, you have warmed the baby boat by rubbing with both hands. As a joke, it is more practical to carry hot water in a thermos so that you can refill it without any problems.

8. Baby Tubs

Worried about watching your baby walk on the floor, and thinking that this one is really holding up its tiny squares? Unless the soil in your home is particularly rough, your baby will not need it. The little ones are "figured out" to get the strap on, not to mention blinking two, and they will come.

9. Bibri

We guarantee that you will always hear when your baby is shaving (unless you live in a multiracial palace - you may need a baby skin). It is your decision, but we do not think it is a necessity without which you are incapable of raising a child.

10. Developmental Aids

Walking, baby ferry, seat - throwing money all at once. In fact, not only will it not help your baby to develop, but you can cause serious damage to them. Every child evolves in a different way, unnecessary and unhealthy to push them through this variety of tools. If your muscles are mature enough, you will come to life, start to learn, and learn to come.