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Stem Cells and Requests

Stem Cells and Requests

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Should we remove and store our newborn cord? What can be done with stem cells and when? Unfortunately, no one can give an accurate answer to these, but we do find out a lot of interesting things as we search.

Stem cells are non-specialized cells from which cells of different tissues may be derived. The gonadal stem cells are capable of forming, for example, bone marrow, blood and the main cells that make up the immune system. Discovering in the last few decades that implanting it can lead to healing in a number of malignancies, severe anemia, certain immune deficiencies, and metabolic disorders. Not only is it possible to obtain bar stem cells, it is the fastest and easiest way to get them. In Hungary today, it is common for parents to deal with a target dealing with this issue. If the baby turns out to be suffering from one of the diseases mentioned above, there is a cure for hereditary disease. Of course, the chances are very small. In any case, however, the question arises whether or not the baby is in need of blood in the cord at birth.
Weak voucher?
After all, we hear countless reads that if the doctor cuts the cord only after cessation of heart failure, you can get as much as one deciliter of blood into your baby's blood, up to about 100 grams. And if you have a baby that is smaller than, say, a single parent, it can be up to a tenth of the weight! Wouldn't he need more of that blood then and there? - we consulted our specialist, Dr. Zsolt Tidrenczel, a nurse practitioner.
- I'm trying to get enough blood here and there. According to the rules, after the birth of the baby and before the birth of the baby, the sampling has to be stopped. It is a fact that you have to cut the cord a little faster than you would do any other. But the amount of blood that gets into the kid's body so much is not a problem for a mature newborn. The situation is different for premature babies, because every gram counts there, but in practice, there is never enough time to wait for a baby to be pregnant. In such cases, it is very important that the baby is resettled as soon as possible, and often requires rehabilitation, so early termination of the cord is necessary. That is, in this case, it would in principle be good to have that amount of blood in the baby's blood circulation, but since there is practically no time to do so, there is no risk factor here if the sample is removed.
Unlimited quantities
However, the main question is what this sample can be used for. Some companies are promising their wonders, as health is a great treasure, and in the power of the most parents, it does its best for children, but for the time being only a very small number. Some of the interventions in Hungary are still not completed. In particular, we use stem cells in the cure of childhood leukemia, some malignancies, bone marrow failure, and some congenital disease. So far, there has been no need to repatriate own donor cells, but in many cases, stem cells have been obtained from major European stem cell banks. And no one advertises the fact that the body produces and can extract stem cells throughout their lives. So there is no one chance, and not spending hundreds of thousands now, deprives your child of the only chance of healing. It is true that the simplest and fastest of the germ cells is the sampling, but it should also be known that in some of the most transmissible diseases, the individual stem cells cannot be utilized because they contain the genetic cause of the problem.
Limited currency
Of course, experiments are going on around the world, and everyone says that there are great opportunities for stem cells. What good would it be if the oxygen-deficient baby's brain tissue could be "restored" with the help of the recovered stem cells. These are wonderful prerequisites, but the procedures, whatever the tabloids, are still in the experimental phase. So they take the baby's blood off in vain, and it turns out that the baby might have a problem - and there is no proper technical background to get the cells back. Because it is not enough simply to drip stem cells into a human being, because that would be a simple bloodshed. You have to somehow "tell" the stem cells what they are going to do, where they are going and what they are doing. This cellular control is still unknown, so much research is needed to implement stem cell therapy. In the past fifteen years, the real changeover did not happen.
- She's more of a stem cell that can be extracted from a donor than a son.
- Stem cell was used in 1970 as a first-line treatment for leukemia.
- So far, they have won 7,000 times around the world.
- In Hungary, only one money and a sample of a private bank have ever been recalled and used.
- In our country, ten to twenty leukemia children receive stem cells from other people every year, which are sourced from major European stem cell banks.
Benefits of using a donation:
- the expulsion of the transferee is fast and painless;
- stem cells removed from the germ line are very young - up to 9 months old;
- its own stem cells have a lower risk of rejection and are more tolerant to the body.
Limitations on the use of the contributor:
- A relatively small amount of 60 to 100 milliliters of blood can be obtained. This is enough for a body weight of 20 kilos.
- One portion of the voucher is needed for a single treatment.
- In cases of genetic diseases, even in the stem cell, there is the DNA disruption that causes the problem, so in these cases, the own stem cell can no longer be used.
And what about Kannab?
Although very expensive, and there is no clear evidence of efficacy, many people are migrating to Kenya for last-minute treatment with stem cells. There is a great deal of treatment here - but the scientific world knows very little about it, because there are no unambiguous scientific studies, publications. Experience has shown that treatment is risky, since it uses almost exclusively Chinese stem cells, and they differ significantly from the European genome and therefore have a high risk of rejection. And how do you use it? Truly miraculous healing is not known to professionals, but minor improvements do occur. With certain illnesses and cures, this is often a miracle.
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