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The light brightens up!

The light brightens up!

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The air, the light, the warm, caresses the ever-curving belly. Luckily, a baby in a cool outfit or in a cool room in a cool room, no baby can wear a kitten more than any of us.

The light brightens up!

Anyone who has tried to tummy tuck their tummy in overpants, knows just how much simpler it is to make baby baby in the summer. Even fashion favors fatigue: top of the abdomen, trousers beneath the abdomen - there is nothing to stop the baby from touching our belly almost continuously. Our skin enjoys the comfort of nature on a larger surface: the caressing of the sun's rays and the breeze. The light has a good effect on our mood, and we see the world more clearly, even if it is pink. adequate fluid refill! Let's walk every day, it doesn't take long, but let's move on in the last few weeks and in the biggest cane. Stimulate wine performance a ankle and foot, take the time every day. It may be difficult to stop, but do not sunbathe on our stomachs: the amniotic fluid warms up easily and does not feel good in the baby.
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