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Hereby a sticker indicates where to breastfeed

Hereby a sticker indicates where to breastfeed

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At least in Békéscsabab: a campaign was launched to help mothers to breastfeed and nappies.

Hereby a sticker indicates where to breastfeedThe first sticker boasts the Csabagyöngye Cultural Center: here mothers can breastfeed and diaper. The director, Saint Barthelemy, said that the institution, with its occupation at Puppy Island, was specifically designed for small children, families with small children, , a sheltered place to ensure that families have a separate, hygienic room where they can feed, breastfeed, and nourish their children. .hu.The initiative has been joined by many more, including a ballroom, a restaurant and a house of culture.Related articles in breastfeeding:
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