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Parental Lawsuits: This is when the crash can enter

Parental Lawsuits: This is when the crash can enter

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Two years ago, a law change that allowed a third person instead of a parent, such as a retirement home, to commit a child to support their parents came to fruition. How much did they live with this right in the past two years?

Parental Lawsuits: This is when the crash can enterThe parental control rules were changed in 2016, according to which the law allows the third person (nursing home, hospital, relative, friend, neighbor, care) instead of the parent - without parental consent, may oblige the child to keep his or her parents. With this right you can go through litigation, and you can sue your child retrospectively for a year to pay their costs. Fark Andrbs a pensioner told the newspaper that they hadn't died so far, but it's just a matter of time. According to him, By 2035, it is expected that the financing of state retreats will be problematic, you can expect litigations to be launched in large numbers. 2017 januбr elsejйtхl the szociбlis tцrvйny New Account rendelkezйse alapjбn if tartуs bentlakбsos intйzmйnyi ellбtбs esetйn the ellбtottnak is nagykorъ, vйr according цrцkbefogadott or child, the jцvedelemhбnyad (jellemzхen the nyugdнj szбzalйka 80) йs the intйzmйnyi tйrнtйsi dнj kцzцtti kьlцnbцzet megfizetйsйre kцtelezhetх children. If the child does not pay, the institution can sue the child, even without the parent's consent and consent. may be in the future.


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