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CSOK: This is the content of the new regulations

CSOK: This is the content of the new regulations

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Two new decrees for family home improvement discounts have come out. Let's see what changes are included in used and new real estate.


You can also apply for a discount on the purchase or extension of a used property

According to the Government Decree on the Family Creation Benefit for Buying Used Housing, Expansion (Chocolate), one child per 600 thousand, two children after 1 million 430 thousand, three thousand two or two thousand thousand support can be requested.
Pursuant to the effective regulation published on Thursday, the purchase price of real estate may not exceed HUF 35 million, and may exceed the turnover of the credit institution by up to 20 percent.
The bar can be claimed by couples without existing age limit for existing children, however, it is essential that the child be married and that at least one of the couple is 40 years of age. Young married couples can have up to two children at the time of buying or expanding a used home.
The Decree provides that the benefit may be used to pay for the purchase of a dwelling or to cover the cost of extending an existing dwelling. The benefit can only be claimed jointly by family or living partners.
For the purposes of support, a child is considered to be a fetus after the age of 24 years, at the age of 25, or at full-time education at the institution of higher education.
The useful floor area of ​​the apartment shall be 40 square meters for a child, 50 square meters for two children, 60 square meters for three children or 70 square meters for a child or more. Lakбs bхvнtйsйnek minхsьl the lakбs useful alapterьletйnek legalбbb a lakуszobбval tцrtйnх nцvelйse, ideйrtve the tetхtйr-beйpнtйst is.Az igйnylйs feltйtele that igйnylх bьntetlennek szбmнtson, do not be the adуhatуsбgnбl nyilvбntartott kцztartozбsa and must be shown that the igйnylх, legalбbb egyьttes igйnylйs the esetйn, one of the claimants has at least 180 days of social security cover (with a break of up to 30 days).
Applicants must have up to 50 percent ownership in another home and must be the child with whom the benefit has been applied for up to 10 years - the minimum age of the existing child in the home. The state registers a 10-year token on the property.
For a young couple to have a child (which may include adoption), a child is expected to reach 4 years of age and 8 years of age. If the young couple does not, or only partially, repay their childbirth by the time the marriage is dissolved or annulled, the support shall be repaid with interest.
Those who have a residential bank loan can apply for a family home improvement allowance for lower-born children, the amount of which is $ 400,000 per child, but they have to spend it on paying off the loan.

Support and discount regulations for new property have also been published

There is a family home improvement discount available for buying new homes, buying up to 5 million forints, and a family home for three or more children.
The amount of the family home improvement allowance for buying a new home or buying a new home is 600 thousand, for two children 600 thousand for two children or 10 million for three children or more. The purchase price is not limited by the Regulation.
Family homeowners, young married couples, and life partners may also be eligible for the Family Home Benefit, but at the same time, the need for support for an expectant child is one of the most important things to be able to do.
Childless young couple up to three, young couple with one child up to two, young couple with two children can have a childbirth in conjunction with family home allowance. The regulation regulates the limit for the fulfillment of a child's child, which is 4 years for a child, 8 years for two children, and 10 years for three or more children.
The adoption of a supported child and the subsequent adoption of a blooded child by a court or tribunal should also be accepted. The decree states that life partners can claim the chocolate even with their non-domestic children living with them, and that the amount of support they receive must be recalculated for their own benefit.
The Home Improvement Benefit is available for all new home improvements that have been approved for construction on or after July 1, 2008, or have a property activity registration document. Alternatively, you may require a new home purchase that has been issued a lease with or after 1 July 2008. However, support may only be requested for projects that are or have been made for the natural person for the purpose of sale to the natural person first and foremost by the natural person.
The useful floor area of ​​a new dwelling that can be made or redeemable by a check must be at least 40 square meters for a child, at least 50 square meters for two children, or at least 60 square meters for three or more children. For a single-dwelling that is affordable or available for purchase, the useful floor area can be 70-80-90 square meters.
When a new home is built and purchased, the supported person and the child with whom the family home improvement benefit has been granted should receive assistance.
New Account lakбs йpнtйse esetйn nйgyzetmйter useful up to 150 or up to 300 alapterьletы lakбs nйgyzetmйter useful alapterьletы hбz йpнtхje or йpнttetхje the йpнtйsi bekerьlйsi kцltsйg megfizetйsйhez or йpнtkezйs helyйьl szolgбlу йpнtйsi site vйtelбrбhoz igйnyelhet adу-visszatйrнtйsi tбmogatбst. You can apply for a tax refund at the same time, and at most once, on or after January 1, 2015, until December 31, 2019 at the latest. The total amount of support is equal to the total sales tax paid on invoices and services invoiced for the services and services requested, up to a maximum of 5 mill.
Additionally, three or more families with children may receive a 3 percentage point home loan interest rate for a new home loan or loan purchase for up to 10 million forints.