The bend is already raging in Ukraine, with one child dead

The bend is already raging in Ukraine, with one child dead

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There are people with curvature in Ukraine: they have had twice as many in the last ten days. A five-year-old child also died from the infection. According to the Ukrainian Minister of Health, there is no law.

The bend is already raging in Ukraine, with one child deadUljana Suprun Minister of Health also told Newspapers that every country in the country had enough anti-bend vaccines. According to doctors, however, it is possible that the disease may be of benefit to MTI.At the capital of Kiev, 66 people have become ill since the beginning of the year, including 54 children who have not received the disease earlier. Diseases have also been reported from Carpathia and Kherson counties. Last year, 122 cases were reported in the South Ukrainian region. In the past year, they died of the infection, including three children. Young children, especially those with weak immune systems, are at greatest risk. They have also warned that not only children, but people of all ages can catch the infection with those who have not been vaccinated high fever, serious, potentially life-threatening events. In Ukraine, vaccination is free up to the age of 18, but about one hundred children are not vaccinated.Related articles in bends:
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