Pregnancy troubles

Pregnancy troubles

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Healthy, carefree baby kayaking - everyone is thinking about it! Sometimes it doesn't work out, and for months we have to deal with more or less serious complaints and illnesses. Fortunately, the potential of medicine is increasing day by day.

Stomach can also make life difficult for a mother

Pregnancy is not a disease, it is often stated, and it is also appropriate to approach this request from this side. Excessive anxiety, going to the doctor in trouble, also causes problems where they might not be. Our bodies and souls form a close unity of what is happening in our heads, affecting all of our lifestyles. Many times we are not aware that my baby is her older status, her fears about birth, pregnancy, the desire for a partnership, the difficulty of becoming pregnant, and the concerns about previous relationships, are all factors that make it difficult for you to look at your baby's appearance naturally. We cannot change our genetic heritage, and there are many generations of diseases or creatures in the background of many events that occur during the course of the trial. In such cases, timely professional help can protect the health of the mother and the fetus.


Even with a healthy fetus, there may be a small amount of bleeding that may have a variety of causes. This is particularly common in the first few weeks. Usually, we find only spotting bleeding, sometimes with only a few brown drops. Do you have sex? If so, bleeding is abnormally abundant, and there are strong menstrual cramps that resemble menstruation. to a doctor, goodbye first! An ultrasound scan can be used to determine whether the embryo is alive, whether or not you are having a baby, or if you are pregnant. A manual examination or a vaginal ultrasound will also give you an idea of ​​whether the abdomen has opened. Because pregnancy is very common during the first few weeks of pregnancy, unfortunately, you must be prepared for this possibility as well. Sometimes, however, the baby remains surprisingly strong and develops happily. If bleeding occurs in early pregnancy, special care will be needed in the later stages.

Got something?

If someone falls vбrandуssбga йppen idejйn бt the toxoplazmуzis nevы caused йlхskцdхk betegsйgen (900 kismamбbуl vйletlenre such a szбmнthat) nagyjбbуl enter бt harmincszбzalйkos valуszнnыsйggel fertхzйst the lead kialakulу betegsйg vetйlйshez magzatбnak.Az elsх weeks, the kйsхbbiekben koraszьlйst cause йs kьlцnbцzх betegsйgeket. Examination of maternal antibody levels and, if necessary, follow-up of changes in values ​​provide guidance as to whether or not you have ongoing disease. In this case, your doctor will treat you with medication. It is not only distributed by cats the disease, but also raw meat, or carelessly cleansed greens that have been associated with the proliferation of toxoplasma-stricken cats. Avoid contact with eyes, eyes and eyes contaminated with soil, raw meat, or felines. Almost the same applies to varicella. It rarely causes a developmental disorder, but it can be a serious infection during the period around birth. Anyone who has not fallen into this condition by the planned conception should consider vaccination.

My sugar is high!

Since the kialakulу terhessйg hatбsбra diabйtesz tragic kцvetkezmйnyekkel - fejlхdйsi rendellenessйgйvel the fetus, or tъlsбgosan large sъlyбval mйhen belьli elhalбsбval - jбrhat all kismamбnбl szыrхvizsgбlatot vйgeznek.Ha do not take the йszre problйmбt the szьletйs kцrьli halбlozбs nцvekedik the usual йrtйk цtszцrцsйre. You are pregnant with diabetes most of the time, the symptoms of a pregnant mother are not noticeableTherefore, screening tests are important.The test breakfast is the simplest method. The pregnant mother drinks a piece of bun and two deci milk at the morning of the morning, and then, after an hour, comes with a blood test. In this case, 75 grams of glucose are drunk with the mother. We will only talk about gestational diabetes if your blood glucose is above 7.8 millimoles / liter after drinking glucose. A routine blood glucose test is used during pregnancy care, usually using the test reggel method. However, according to professional recommendations, it would be more effective if one-third of the pregnancies passed such an examination. In case of necessity, a so-called quantitative diet is recommended for the mother. This means defining the dietary intake, not the dietary intake, the frequency of eating, and the number of grams of carbohydrate that can be consumed.


If you have high blood pressure before your pregnancy, you should talk to your doctor about whether you can continue to take your previous medication. Sometimes women with persistently high values ​​above 140/90 during pregnancy (usually after the 20th week), who have never had such a problem before, are measured. In this case, we talk about a hypertension known as pregnancy-related hypertension, which is more commonly known as the risk to the fetus of adequate blood flow and also to the risk of severe stroke. Symptoms: At first, only high blood pressure, then white blood in the urine, all over the body, followed by headaches, problems with the eyes, pain in the stomach lungs. Requires frequent medical check-ups and treatment!


Because of the hormonal effects, it is very common for a baby to have a vйnatбgulat. The wall of the varicose veins is dense, making it harder for blood to return to the lungs. Thick blue blood vessels may also appear on the lower lip, thighs, genital tract, and endocrine gland. Avoid long rushes, standing in one place, taking frequent baths, and cleaning the affected area. Get medical attention in a timely manner as they may have a beneficial effect on the symptoms with pills and ointments. regular exercise, in fact, can improve the condition of varicose veins in our feet, which sometimes causes severe pain. The leggings or special tights that are wrapped around the foot are also beneficial. Shake our feet up every day to help the blood flow back.

Nizhletskaya pain

SPD shortening refers to regular and severe pain in the humerus (above the eyelid). The complaint is caused by the loosening of the fallopian fibers due to pregnancy hormones, fortunately only in one of the pregnant women, even if they have a large widening or widening of the foot, possibly with high heels. Busting can be extremely painful in this state, but speed and speeding can help. Exercise exercises in a small gymnastics exercise with folded legs. Avoid lying in a supine position, preferably with squats and scattered legs, preferably lying flat or sideways.

Too much amniotic fluid

After sampling amniotic fluid through the abdominal wall, it may be temporarily more than normal for amniotic fluid. If, in the future, the doctor finds more than average amniotic fluid during the ultrasound examination, he begins to look for the causes. Most commonly, it can be caused by gestational diabetes, Rh blood group incompatibility, inflammatory disease of the fetus, or fetal developmental abnormality. In this case, the ultrasound examines the baby's kidney, esophagus, and heart. Sometimes no reason can be revealed. The average amount of amniotic fluid from the peak at week 36 is reduced to one liter by the time of birth.

Йg my stomach!

Not a serious illness, mage it can make your everyday life worse. The stomach and esophageal closure do not function perfectly, therefore acidic stomach contents flow back into the esophagus. Because of this, we feel a burning pain in my stomach. Your doctor may prescribe a drug that neutralizes stomach acid, but we may also be looking for simpler and more natural methods: We come often, consume small quantities. It can also help with cashews and almonds being snapped up between meals. Let us give preference to alkaline sauces, such as dairy products.

Bloody smooth

Not all of these exacerbations, which are most common during the first twelve weeks and naturally occur due to the effects of pregnancy hormones, increase in severity. About five thousandths of a toddler develops a morbid, frequent, meals-free, morbid condition that is morbid in nature. We don't know what's causing it the symptoms are degenerative. Some are explained by psychological reasons, such as rejection of the unconscious during pregnancy, and in fact this explanation is intended to serve as a basis for total insecurity. It's a good idea to search the internet for helpful tips and new information, but in the meantime, stay on top of infusion fluids and nutritional supplements. The most content-rich English site is hyperemesis.org, here you can download the full guide!

Infected infections

In the background of premature births, a significant number of cases have undetected vaginal infections. There are also several forecasting methods. One of them is based on regular monitoring of fatigue activity at the infectious level, the other one is a change in the vaginal chemistry. None of the screening methods are widely used in domestic birth practice, which is why the rate of premature birth is still quite high. In some places, all babies undergo the BSH screening during the pre-natal period. This detects group B streptococci from the vagina. However, it has not spread widely, as there are many positive positives, and sometimes negatives, even when the newborn only shows signs of infection.Related articles:
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