Close to the Cable Institute

Close to the Cable Institute

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He will close the Kaposvár Kabeli Institute next month. The City Hospital will carry the flask program.

Close to the Cable Institute

The hospital issued a statement a week ago that a meeting with the head of the Cable Institute was under way to keep the service running. Mánfai Zoltбn, the Medical Director of the Kaposvar Kabul Institute, said that the Kaposvár Kabul Institute is terminating medical care, on the instructions of Professor Kaab. Ongoing treatments are underway, but they will not be started again.What exactly is to be expected in the future is not entirely clear: Professor Kabel told Sonline that she had no information about the subject being discussed. kцzцtt, but I szeretnй if jуl mыkцdne the бtбllбs.Mбnfai Zoltбn also said that the kуrhбzi kцzlemйny cйloz a egyezsйgre what kуrhбz rйszйrхl alбнrtak, but Professor Kaбli mйg not. However, this was a year ago. Medical director Zoltán Mánfai added that the government decree of September 1 mentions the Kaposvár hospital as a potential service. So it is the government's decision to have a state infertility center in the Kaposvár Hospital, not a matter of negotiation with Professor Kael, but a matter of judgment.
- The Kabel Institute in Debrecen is dissolved
- Cable Institute: "We Don't Play God!"


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