Vekerdy: It is inhuman to push all that much into the kid's head

Vekerdy: It is inhuman to push all that much into the kid's head

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Dilutantism and inhumanity with a will, but a bit maliciously, you can't think, don't have the time, or become a slave, said Tamek Vekerdy ​​in ATV's Straight Speech. in response to the amount of school curriculum.

Vekerdy: It is inhuman to push all that much into the kid's headTamek Vekerdy ​​was Egon Rounnai's brother in the ATV Straight Speech. mыsorбban. Vekerdy ​​spoke sincerely, succulently about the deplorable state of Hungarian education. He also advised that what should a parent who cannot get their child out of state education do.Vekerdy ​​Tamбs says:
  • This is the amount of curriculum we've been taught to forget. We usually say look at the 85-year-old babysitter remembering everything before last year and not remembering anything. Of course, the little well-ordered information orientation, the bulky, poorly-ordered information (just like the bulky stuff like this) tends to disorient and forget.
  • There are two: Be who I want you to be or the other paradigm to be who you are. Such is your good educator, your good parent, and this is the peculiarity of democracy.
  • A good school, a good parent, and a democracy are liberating the individual because the individual is an incredible force.
  • Equally "kill" the kids - that's what's happening in today's schools.
  • Better educators try to take children to basic schools, with half of those enrolled in education planning to pursue their studies abroad, Egon Runa said. Yes, this is a nation-destructive policy, Tamás Vekerdy ​​replied. Yes, the better ones go out with their children, and this is a tragedy, because everyone should be equally raised in school. The Finnish school would be a model of how to do it: the school is the same everywhere, the teachers look the same, they are the same in Helsinki and 100 km away.
  • Educators have put themselves in a hurry, and they don't want to deal with children if they need to fill their portfolios unnecessarily, he said of the situation.
  • From Silicon Valley to the rest of the world, everyone says that 2 things will be important in the future: critical thinking (we really hate it) and creativity (we want it too).
  • What's all this about grading? - asks Vekerdy ​​many times, referring to the superfluity of the classification. It is not true that your learning will advance the world, you are not.
  • Many parents today say that even though there was so much curriculum in our time, we had so many urns. He didn't have so many ubers for today's parents, the 6 ounces were the exception and found only in the higher classes, not that he was before.
  • What does the baby do? - asks the presenter. The parent is looking for a good teacher - says Vekerdy ​​- looking for a good school, looking for a foundation school, essentially trying to save his child and accomplice: I write the lesson instead or report to the checker that he doesn't cheat. Is the child sick, yellow, morning? Stay home, I can justify it to you. There is no need to waste anything, this is also a joy, others will forget much of the lesson. We need to look for glasses to help our child.

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