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Continuous noise is a testament to speech development

Continuous noise is a testament to speech development

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We better do away with home remodeling, because it negatively affects the development of children with needy depression, a study suggests.

Continuous noise is a testament to speech development

The constant background noise prevents the little ones from learning new words. "In today's modern homes, noise sources such as TV, radio, and continuous speech by family members disturb children. are effective in learning new words at this early age, "he says Brianna McMillan, the study leader. As suggested in the study, parents should be aware of the value of engaging in conversations with their children. children who grew up in a relaxed, quiet environment learned more kudos than those who were constantly taken in by noise. "And at the age of infancy, sheepskin is very important because it provides the necessary basics for lower school studies. In the absence of this, the child will be exposed to multiple failures at school, and will have to deal with serious backlogs, "says McMillan. "However, we can also say that if a child simply hears new words from their parents' fluid speech in a quiet, calm environment, before helping them to learn what they are explaining to them," Jenny SaffranProfessor of Psychology, co - leader of the research. Being left behind is not imposing, but it is a matter of serious attention and concern for parents. eliminating unnecessary background noise. Turn off your TV / radio / laptop if you are not watching / listening, and ensure that there is always a quiet, quiet activity after the noisy programs (eg playroom)! You may also be interested in:
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