Top 5 Family Vacations

Top 5 Family Vacations

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Here's a good time, a real outing. Where do we go with children?

Top 5 Family Vacations

We have tried to pick up major city attractions that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Relatively lighter terrain, some of which is also a stroller. Not too short, but not too long, there is something to see in nature (water, blood, boiling). The lighter shade is picked up by a single cap, so that there is no soldering, heating, or sweating.

1, Alsou-Jegenye Valley, Paprika Creek Water, Ruzika Spring, Solymer Castle

Solymár is a popular tourist destination, and the lane can be further extended with hiking trails. There are many things to do: stream, water, hot And a color of blood is located between the Castle and the Buda Hills.

Ruzhik spring, Solymber (photo: kirandulababa)

The tourist is right next to the car, with Shell on the border between Cold and Solymar and parking and starting from there. We walk along the Paprika stream, our path is crossed by small bridges. Rising rather than blood. Baby strollers are easy to access, great 2 to 2.5 kmpar.

2, Alcsъti Arboretum

It's worth visiting the arboretum every season. You can stay here for a long time, it's a real family program, and little ones are usually allowed on a bike.

The Castles of Alcsъti (photo:

We can find contemporary buildings, bridges and pavilions among the outer trees. Today, the park has 540 species of trees and shrubs. In the woods next to the park we can find the oldest Lebanese cedar in the country and the plateau line on the Ethiopian road. Every season, the park is beautiful, the wild snow field changes, waterfalls bloom in May and thousands of fireflies draw in the evening in June.

3, Moonlight Lights, Louis Spring

Moonworms, Louis spring (photo:

We are located about 6 kilometers from Pomzt in the Visegrád Mountain. This is one of the most beautiful, wildest places to visit, narrow, with canyon-like gorges.The prices are only available at dry times, there are more gasses and stumps passing through the creek, and we also find a longer iron ferry, so be careful in the narrow canyon. No stroller space, no practice, and no need for this place of departure. The starting point is the tourist hut in Chikvarar, from here you can start and go all the way approx. 5km.

4, Kiribati

At Bazzsnyny's place you can find everything you need for a good trip: beeches, turtles, forest irons.

Kirбlyry (photo:

At the crossing of this stream, we find the King's Cross, which is easy to reach by car, bus and rail. The hiking trails take you to the Great Cold Mountain, a popular starting point for the Turks of Chuvash, or the Szín-Patak valley. 2.9 km long study, and small in the Seine Stream valley forest playwright Those who are looking for a more active excursion can go up to Mount Vár, 339m high above the city of Kirill, from where there is a beautiful panorama.

5, Pilgrim's Cross, Dera Gorge

Real fairy tale gorge, a stream valley of the Pilis. South of Pilgrimage Cross, starting from the last houses of the village, more than 1km a meandering curve between long, steep cliffs. wooden bridges crossing, jumping over rocks somewhere on the Dera stream, which is the border between Pilis and Visegrád Mountains.

Pilisszentkereszt, Dera Gorge (photo:

The fabulous, wild, gorge can be reached within 30 minutes. Wheelchair accessible, but very popular with ovis children because of small waterfalls, wooden bridges, rocks.Related articles in this article:
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