Get ready for fatherhood!

Get ready for fatherhood!

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Did you go to every exam together, or on the contrary? Do you feel strange among many tummy-eyed mothers and stay at home? Talk to each other and always decide that you both have a good time!

When you conceive of a baby - every setting when it comes to being the first - powerfully sudden or tiny, but everything around us changes and everything changes. Waves of hormones are raging, physically changing oneself, many people need to financially fix things, or maybe flush the apartment a bit before the baby arrives. There are nine months to prepare for what you can't prepare for. Big books on pink are far from true, but luckily, life is more exciting and fun. There's a lot going on in these nine months. In a woman's life, she develops a life and tries to prepare herself for motherhood. Luckily, the man takes part in all of this - the father's choice begins. The intensity with which the man takes part in this process is completely the same, there is no rule for what is small, much, first. Most importantly, each member of the couple should feel secure in the relationship, and feel, listen, respect their wishes, respect their boundaries. Of course, it's a of course the reflex turns on that she has to support the family financially, and well, if the woman insists that she allows that opportunity. This two seemingly contradictory role can still be understood in one word: a man can help a woman under the guise of giving her the utmost in safety. It is important to note that this nine Not a relationship, but a child-free life. Being aware of this will make it easier to process and let go of the cure for it. During this nine months, this duality appears. During this period, the sensations are intensified as if everything is sharpened, magnified, women feel very sensitive, and this can lead to conflicts. The only way to resolve tensions - if given - is to have a lot of talk.

Choosing a father is also a process

If you buy in, you can say "hold the space", which in effect means "just there". You don't have to act actively - which is very difficult for a man, since the basic nature is action. This can be difficult for her, because parenting is a process she cannot influence, but accepting it, she has to dive into it and just "hold" the woman, hold her hand, drink - if she wants it. That is why the presence of men can be difficult even for a young woman, because I bring in the so-called "countable" part of the time: "GOD! It's been a week and this kid is never there!" A father can still play an important role - where action is needed - if his couple is unable to get the baby after birth. In this case, take the baby a little bit, because in addition to comforting the baby, it's important for the mother to see that everything is fine with the baby. it will not change by itself, so you must work in some form (self-knowledge, therapy). Birth, the arrival of a small child, is a huge change, even if it is a cure - adds the expert.
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