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Prevent wicked death: kill the baby!

Prevent wicked death: kill the baby!

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Eliminate potential sources of danger so you don't have to worry and both can have a real restful sleep!

Prevent wicked death: kill the baby!

What is a Bale Fish?

The fish of the witchcraft, or other name Sudden Infant Fish Syndrome (SIDS) he spent every little mom's attention as accurate for an exceptional day, no light was bright to this day. In this case, the baby will have no warning symptoms, and will usually stop breathing during the night's sleep. If you do not get help, tragedy will happen, get cold, and in the short term. predisposed factorswhich we can do a lot to prevent by eliminating the risk:
- premature birth
- twin pregnancy
- Parental Drug, Alcohol, and Smoking
- previous tragedy in the family
- disorganized family history
- unsafe environment
- and GOR (Gastroesophageal reflux - gastric retention in the gullet in case of disease) As we see, there are exceptional causes (eg genetics) for which unfortunately not much can be done, but some environmental factors are known.

1. Common room

The American Academy of Pediatrics' latest recommendation is that the baby in the first 6 months (or better in the first year) parents in a room should sleep. Recent statistics show that this reduces the chance of fatal fish by 50%. Not to mention that it is easier for the mother to keep an eye out, to feed and to comfort the baby. prescription drugs (such as antidepressants) or alcohol.

2. Safe Way

The baby can be attached to a small, grimy bed, in a drunk or bed. it is advisable to sleep in a sidecar. What is very important is that the infant bed has a there should be nothing besides the sheets! No pads, no quilts, no cushions, no small stuffed animals, no toys that are worried about the lame bed, or baby-powered tools. Make sure that the mattress is neither soft nor hard, and that the sheet is stretched perfectly. Soft linens - under the baby or baby - can block the passageways, causing suffocation.

3. Less is more

Here too, it is true that less is more. It can be really cute when we see a baby stuffed with stuffed animals, cushions, in a baby shop or home decor magazine. But it is better to be aware that these "dynamic" elements are not at all safe for the baby!

4. Safe sleep posture

Do not let the baby sleep on the couch, baby bed or wherever he sleeps outside the baby. It is safest if always put on the back the baby, and sleeps on the back until it learns to turn on its stomach or side by itself. Different outrigger tools (special swivel or even a rolled up blanket) may seem like a good idea, but they can move out of position and avoid the baby's face.

5. Sleepwear

According to experts, it is best to have one in one-piece kicks or kicks anesthetizing the baby. Depending on the size, this may be thicker or thinner, however, it is strongly advised to avoid using blankets or duvets! It is better to move the baby warmer if you are afraid of getting cold.

6. Breastfeeding

Numerous studies have proven that breastfed babies with much less chance are the victims of famine. This is one of the best ways to prevent, as short-term breastfeeding babies also have this protection. However, make sure that you do not breastfeed if you feel very cold or on the couch, as it can cause great distress if you fall asleep too. However, do not give the baby a baby until the baby has come into breastfeeding and has not set up milk production on demand. Never hook the dummy in your baby's neck or attach it to your clothes when sleeping. You do not need to put the zucchini back in your newborn's mouth when it is already in full swing.

7. Give the information

If you are also taking care of your baby (grandparent, babysitter, friend, family member, etc.), it is very important that we share with us all the relevant information about the condition of our sleep, as they may .
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