Rare event: a baby was born with teeth in England

Rare event: a baby was born with teeth in England

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It was a great surprise for an English newborn to be born to his parents and doctors alike: Isla-Rose Heasman was born with a tooth.

The tiny tooth moved so relentlessly that the baby was pulled out by a dentist at 12 days of age - after anesthesia. Although tooth childbirth is quite rare, not a unique phenomenon, one in 2,500 New Year's Eve. It is simply because a milk tooth comes too early, a few months earlier than usual. However, the experts still do not know exactly what causes the tooth to germinate before birth. However, there may be a genetic cause for this phenomenon, as in 15% of cases, one or more of the tooths of the neonates (eg, parents or siblings) have premature milking.Usually the first teeth come out only at 6-8 months In the case of tooth-born newborns, the tooth has no or only tiny roots, so nothing really "holds" it - and it still does the baby may also be a danger, who can even swallow it. It can also make breastfeeding more difficult, and even the tiny tooth can cut the tongue. That is why most dentists advise you to pull out existing teeth at birth. This does not go hand in hand with any problems, but "new" milk tooth will not grow into place. If, however, the tooth has a stronger root, is sufficiently stable and does not interfere with breastfeeding, it can be safely left in the same way as the tooth appearing tooth (though, it will be slightly shorter than the other milk tooth). in cultures, they were particularly fortunate, but on the other hand, the tooth was seen as a sinister sign. In the Hungarian Neapolitan creed this phenomenon was a special sign: a child born with a tooth was considered to be supernatural and supernatural. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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