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She didn't realize she was pregnant. 50 ev

She didn't realize she was pregnant. 50 ev

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Yes, it sounds shocking at first, but it does. Doctors found a 2 kilo dead fetus in Chilean women ...

She didn't realize she was 50 years pregnant

A 90-year-old Chilean woman told the BBC about the case. He said he had fallen, so he went to see a doctor. I was shocked and then I realized that one 2 kilos of calcified fetus occupy almost the entire abdomen.This is a very rare phenomenon litopedionnak and develops when at weaning, the fetus cannot be absorbed or otherwise lost the mother's body so petrifies eventually. But how is that possible? Dr. Pari Ghodsi according to a baby, this occurs most often in the case of an extra-uterine pregnancy, when the baby is pregnant in the abdomen instead of the womb. "Because the fetus does not get enough blood at this time, it dies after a while. The mother's body can't eliminate it, so it eventually becomes petrified," she says. The first was recorded in 1582. Typically, it occurs in rural, desolate communities where basic health services are not available at all or only difficult to access.Almost unbelievable, not all women go for regular screenings. Some have not been seen by a doctor for years. It is also often reported that these women often have the potential to be fatal, which is why they may not have a more marked indication of the presence of a fetus. However, in the Chilean women's evening, it was decided that the woman would not risk the surgery for some time. Alternatively, failure to lose a fetus may cause complications in the bowel, pelvic floor and subsequent pregnancy and childbirth. But Dr. Ghodsi reassures everyone, "with today's advanced medical technology, there is little chance of this happening."Related Articles:
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