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Marcsi's diary visitor: The other side of the grove

Marcsi's diary visitor: The other side of the grove

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You can read Fodor Marcsi's Pregnant Diary from Pregnancy to Tomorrow. You can also find out how his couple, Zsolt Batki, saw the same events. Here's the first thing tomorrow!

When's the time for a baby? Very good inquiries, surely lots of scientific studies have given me multiple answers, and of course I have my own observations based on observations (the subject I observed was, of course, primarily myself). The first baby to come in one or two years after the wedding! When it comes first, it can be counted as a disapproval of the kinship, and if you do it later, one will slowly start to question his abilities. However, I can say that there is not much more depressing thought than the swaying of faith in our masculinity. Not to mention the ramshackle exams. Fortunately, we shared this with my first daughter, one year after our wedding, according to the above rule. (Since then he is more of a rule follower than my children). With the second, there is a very high rate of screening. There are places where the time of arrival is "never" (now I am not thinking of a baby room for the first baby), and there are families where "then" is the most appropriate time. I got to the latter point when I was babysitting my first girl, even though my wife would have liked it much earlier. As usual, she was right, and after another year, the little girl came in, who was still looking for her mother. Well, we're getting to the third child. Elйrkeztьnk ???
No, of course not! In my opinion, the more children you had, the less urgent your parents were. In my opinion, there is an inverse proportion: the first one is very much needed, but against the third there is so much reluctance on the part of a father who is deceived in the Hungarian language, that it is difficult to be content with the idea. Fortunately, my wife started softening when she found out she was pregnant with the second. But my opposition was really overcome by the great, terrible economic world. Under such circumstances, having a third child is such an adventure worth embarking on, isn't it ?! Of course, I meant this as a joke, but to take it seriously: we were lucky and did not run a business of any bread-maker, we did not feel the big-name VBLSBG every day, because everyone is very sad. Yeah, well, if it can't be worse ...
Of course, this was not the third child at the center of my thoughts, but when my wife woke me up at dawn, inexplicably, she was reminded that she did a pregnancy test, Jуisten! " He didn't say anything, and my chest was preceded by the pleasant, tingling heat that I can safely call happiness.
In the morning I found out that I was not far from the truth, because he had not done a test, but he counted on me to do it. I had that much before: the baby is here now. Now I can introduce a new concept: my daddy has denounced me! Nor was I convinced that the pregnancy tests that had taken place in the next few days had become positive or negative, and at first sight the doctor was only convinced of my cyst, not the fetus. I was reassured that I had never been disappointed in my usts, and I am sure that at the dawn, I was not helped by a rational person. But maybe the kid? If so, I have good faith for all the little ones: sure, you can make contact with the fetus right after conception - or at least get the blessed state of your couple.
I have just known what the doctor had just two weeks later to say for sure that I didn't even feel like a builder to be world-famous. Not like my husband, who had just made a phone call at the first uncertain tip. I would have liked a more serious visual reinforcement, say, for an unambiguous ultrasound find. So here's the second big question: what's the time to announce your baby's arrival?
Where I come from, I think we have to wait for three months and then give birth to a relative, but according to my friend, this is an unnecessary superstition, three minutes as long as three months. True, if others had not been born after the first test, they would not have had to call them the next day that the second test was negative and then call again on the third day that today 's result is positive again. (After the third, she felt like peeing on her stomach ...) But since it didn't cause her fatigue, she quietly retreated. After all, my wife was much better at getting pregnant than I was, so why bother me too? There will be the nausea, the stomach, the waist / leg, and of course there are many professionals who will tell you what to do and what to eat to make your baby more perfect than we are. Of course, I always listen to good advice, and I accept it, they just didn't understand one thing: why should I eat fish in a capsule? Fish oil is certainly in the fish, but my wife does not like to eat it. It is very close to fishing for big fish and throwing capsules of plastic fish into the water. Let's get ready for the future motherhood right now!


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