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A quarter of the pregnant father feels "pregnant"

A quarter of the pregnant father feels "pregnant"

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A quarter of the pregnant father feels "pregnant"

Today's men are so heavily involved in the pregnancy of their couple that they are in the middle of the quarter Emotional and physical symptomsthat are usually associated with women's expectation - quoted by a research report in the online edition of The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper. They feel more compassionate, the eyes are more often lightened, their moods fluctuate, and even their cravings and phantom pains become. The fathers involved in the study also reported strange curiosity: for example, someone picked tomatoes and oranges or tuna with vinegar at the same time. 26 percent of those affected experienced hangulatingadozбst, 10 percent were severe, and six percent had nausea, which did not depend on any other condition. In a survey conducted by a diaper company, 3 percent of respondents indicated that they had conceivable pregnancy problems, such as back pain or even childbirth. According to experts, the symptoms that have emerged from a male window during their couple's pregnancy are egyьttйrzйsьknek You know, 74 percent of the apostates chose to be more defensive and 80 percent felt more responsible than before. The majority of British men go on to have ultrasound examinations during baby screening, so they early on to the baby at birth, and many also go on to have babies ready for birth.Baby Room: The father's physical and mental involvement in pregnancy means that couvade syndrome is not uncommon. Often in the home, the dad competes with the curvy mother. The phenomenon is not unknown in the world of societies, and in some communities the abbot is pregnant with taboos, and he or she may not eat certain foods or drinks to prevent the baby from suffering. It is easy to realize that these symptoms are the result of serious spiritual work, since the father must also be prepared the fact that your child is born to be a father is a burden, a responsibility. And she has to process everything she got from her father.
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