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Getting started: tips to make it easy to get used to

Getting started: tips to make it easy to get used to

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How to help get started? What can we prepare for in advance? What if you're not so light?

Getting started: tips to make it easy to get used to

Starting a kindergarten is a special and difficult situation for everyone, especially for families where the child has not come to a close before the ovi. This is a huge change for all toddlers. By the time habituation begins to become familiar with the ovi, the uvun should be familiar to each other. The habituation and the principle always starts from the wind: Are you ready to let go of your child, do you think your child is able to stay in place and prosper without it? These questions always come up, but if the nursery and the uvun are keen on parenting, it will make it much easier for the child to let go because he / she knows you are in the right place. that what they expect from schoolwhat you think about what is important to high school children. Many people think that ovi is not really important and only the school should be well chosen, but that is not the case. The first socialization scene in our ovi life, everything that serves as a basis for where to place ourselves within a group, starts at ovi. It is worthwhile also known as a gadget), just get to know the chosen ovi. If you can go to these occasions with your child, this will greatly ease the need to know the ovis and the litters. There are ovi , these occasions are a beautiful transition for everyone, but first and foremost, for children, between summer and start-up. , characters who are just getting ready or are ovis. Mesйlhetьnk about our ovis memories, of course, try to remember only the beautiful, do not frighten the child.The method of familiarity, that is, how fast and how gradual the boundary of the kindergarten, these parents are not usually included. What a parent can do to get ahead is trying to prepare for every conceivable situation by knowing what the nursery routine is. He also tells this information to the child, it tells him what to countwhat kind of stories will follow each other.Give us time for the child. Do not compare it to the other child, everyone has their own body, rhythm.If the morning routine is very difficult, it is often helpful to replace the mother Daddy will it is often easier to get the child out of the door. harmonious morning: feel free to start the day well, even if you need to get up for this one minute earlier. It always does we are telling the truth kid, don't beat me up by saying we're out in the dress while we go out the door. Always tell him when we go for itbut in their language: instead of 5, let's say after a snack.Because we're going to the ovis for him, let's be with him: talk to us, tell him to tell us about the ovir (but by no means ). Take your problem seriously, don't smile, or laugh at any of your pitfalls. It is important that you tell us about the ovir if you want to, but as soon as you leave the door gate, try to be together, shut down, recharge and relax. A small child can get very tired in the intense environment of the ovi. Allow him time to rest.


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