10 Things to Know About Pregnancy Flame Retardation

10 Things to Know About Pregnancy Flame Retardation

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We tend to get pregnant during the baby bleeding period, especially if you get sick with a fever! The following questions will certainly arise for us.

10 Things to Know About Pregnancy Flame Retardation

1. Can I have a fetus if I am flabby?

Of course, it should not be overlooked if the mother is feverish. First you need to look for the cause and remove the complaint you have selected. Not just the febrile condition itself can pose a risk to the fetus, but it can be an infection in the background.

2. I am hot-raised during my pregnancy. Can this be a serious problem? Do I need to calm down?

There is no need to dampen the rise in temperature, as the hormone progesterone has a hormone-raising effect.

3. How much should I quench my fever during my pregnancy?

Body temperature above 38 degrees is called fever. Temperatures above this are usually the cause of the complaint, so many times higher than this is attenuated. High fever usually goes hand in hand with other conditions, for example. a throat or headache that can be taken down by the baby at the drug level.

4. Can high fever caused by a virus present a risk to the fetus as well as congenital malformations?

It is not necessarily the fever that causes the disorder, but the infection itself, such as the Zika virus, which does not always produce a symptom.

5. Is it true that in the first trimester high fever can cause labor?

True, but this is not necessarily just because of the fever. Usually there is some kind of infection in the backdrop, and it is more likely to cause miscarriage.

6. What kind of antipyretic drugs can I take during pregnancy?

The most commonly accepted is paracetamol. This can be repeated for 4-6 urns. The basic rule is to take as little as possible and for as short a period as possible. Avoid combinationswhich are so fashionable and, of course, excellent for treating a cold.

7. When do I need to see a doctor?

If the fever does not go away after 24-36 hours, or if abdominal pain, coughing, nausea occurs. However, it is also worth consulting your doctor (primarily because fever often depends on an infectious disease).

8. Is it important how much I drink at this time?

Of course, yes, in abstinence, abundant fluid intake is especially important for a baby.

9. I have heard that peeling of chopped potatoes or onions has a calming effect. Is this true?

There are some who appreciate these natural remedies, but in the light of the fetus, you should definitely consult a specialist who will discover the cause of the fever and suggest a cure for it.

10. What kind of natural antipyretic should I use?

We can use water lozenge, but be careful not to over-cool yourself. The outdoor bath can also be useful for high fever. Lots of relaxation can help! However, in a flabby state, it is definitely worth consulting a doctor. Dr. Nyirбdy Tamбs you are an adjunct professor of childbirth Also worth reading:
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