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When is it necessary to have a cesarean section?

When is it necessary to have a cesarean section?

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Unless there are other reasons beyond the mother's request to support the need for a cesarean section, doctors will decide on vaginal delivery. This is because cesarean delivery would expose both mother and child to unnecessary risk.

"I gave birth to my first child with a cup. Now I am pregnant again, I want to give birth again because I think it is more pleasant for a baby whose health I am very worried about, I am almost permanently worried about it (Bev). I am afraid of being born. The surgery did not bother me because it was anesthetic. I ask: is there a mating on the mother's request? "However common as an almost routine procedure, cesarean section is still an abdominal operation, all of which can be complicated by complications. The dangers on the maternal side - from anesthesia to wound healing - are generally clear, but many people think that having a baby is less likely to have a babylike the vagina. However, the data does not show this. Babies born with a cup are more likely to have an oxygen deficient condition than babies born with a vaginal passage. The reason for this is: during labor and delivery, the uterus, which is formed in the fetus, releases the hormone that is released from the glands, which is the target of the uterus, and the passage of the uterine canal. Hormone production in the child is triggered by a distress created by the contractions of the uterus.

Butter is very helpful for the baby

This is the reason why, in the case of a planned (so non-urgent) cesarean section, the baby is expected to have a certain period of inactivity, that is, the operation is performed only after the active function is started. The doctor should consider the following when making a decision: the risk of having a cesarean section is greater or vaginal birthand inform the mother or relatives about this. If that's not enough, I suggest you visit a psychologist to help you find the root of your troubles and learn some anxiety-relieving techniques.
This problem should be taken very seriously because Fear itself can cause birth defects. The distracted game stops birthing and starts again when the animal is placed in a safe place. The same is true for man: anxiety, anxiety can slow down labor, stop childbirth, which can result in the birth of the mother and the deterioration of the fetus. However, the fear of parenting is not necessary.
Fortunately for all women today, except birth programs underway. Taking part in the course resolves the fear of the unknown, allows you to connect with the on-site staff and get to know the birthplace.
The bedrooms have also become more friendly, provide different birth options, and, if the baby really needs, also allow for pain relief. The help is "on hand", please!
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