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4 questions about breast plastic

4 questions about breast plastic

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If you are not fed up with your breasts, you will stumble upon these queries sooner or later.

1. How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the procedure, but start with two-to-three computers. In some cases, it is possible to apply for TB support. The operating conditions are similar, the materials used are the same.

2. When does the TB finance the operation?

  • If the patient's problem meets the conditions defined by the bodybuilder, for example, if the amount of fat withdrawn is more than half the weight per side.

  • In case of developmental abnormalities.

  • With a high degree of asymmetry (women very rarely have exactly the same tits, a little different in size, normal in size!).

  • Removing a Cancer Cancer Remover.

  • Whether the surgery is paid or supported is always decided by the medical consul- tation, based on the rules contained in the law.

    3. Does Breast Plasma Increase Breast Risks?

    - None of the usual surgeries, they always have a breast surgery before. Unfortunately, breast cancer is a common illness that can occur at a young age. Breast scan and mammography may also be performed after implantation. If this is even more difficult, an MRI examination will be performed, as it will of course also require post-screening.

    Breast surgery - many questions may arise

    4. Can I still breast-feed after surgery?

    - Sewing and enlarging do not affect the mammary glands. If the nipple is moved during sewing, the yard is reduced, it is done along with the underlying tissues, so that the mammary glands remain, so that the ability to breastfeed is not lost. With smaller surgery, they are lost from the gland, and breastfeeding may change, or rarely. Breast implants, mainly under the gland, underwent breast excision, but this does not exclude breastfeeding. Conversely, highlighting the inner rotation of the nipple during surgery is not conducive to breastfeeding.
    Specialist: dr. Peter Kelemen, Deputy Head of Profile, Plastic Surgery, Saint Imre Kourrbaz, Budapest
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